Our psychology and neuroscience based program has more than double the success rate of conventional approaches like psychotherapy and prescription drugs.


The Power of "The liberated life" program:

  • It's highly effective and gives sustainable results.
  • Our approach is 100% based on cutting edge psychology and neuroscience, is natural, and has no side effects.
  • Success rate is at about 92% across all individuals that fall into the 31 to 65 age bracket.
  • Lifetime access to all training materials (constantly updated and tailored for our clients).

In order to qualify you'll need to be ready to unplug from conventional methods and be open to transition into taking full ownership of your physical and mental health.

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"I'd pretty much given up on being able to let go of my anxiety and depression. I was skeptical at first"

Sarah, 52, Fort Worth - Texas

Sarah, 52, Fort Worth - Texas

"I suffered with debilitating anxiety, depression. I had severe panic attacks at night and was on prescription meds for GAD. Constantly battling with chronic digestive issues (IBS), chronic pain in my neck and hips. I had marital problems, heart palpitations and severe health anxiety after my hysterectomy. I found out about "The Liberated Life" program and was very skeptical at first. Only 1 week into the program I had clarity and started noticing the first shifts as my overall pain levels started to drop. I felt more peace of mind and was able to bring down my overall anxiety levels which allowed me to take full advantage of the program and show up every day and do the exercises and absorb the knowledge. Now, when I relapse, and I get triggered, I get back to the course material or reach out to Joe for continuous support. "