Do you feel trapped, overwhelmed or blocked from living your happier, healthier life?

  • Does your day start with struggle, and end with exhaustion?
  • Do you wish you could enjoy more balanced, predictable moods?
  • Is anxiety, depression, or stress keeping you from feeling alive and fulfilled?
  • Do you rely on stimulants like coffee, alcohol, or medication to get through the day?
  • Are you afraid that life is never going to be great again?

  • Becoming Isolated

Worries, exhaustion and mood swings keep you from engaging with friends and family…

  • Drained of Energy

The very idea of activity tires you. You find yourself entertaining less, smiling less, making love less…

  • Declining Health

Your sense of overwhelm is manifesting as aches, pains, weight gain, even hair loss…

  • Frequent Anxiety

You wake with your heart pounding, worried about things that never bothered you before…

  • Drug Side Effects

The very medications that are supposed to cure are only wearing you down further…

  • Unpredictable Moods

The people you love deserve better, but you can’t seem to find a way to balance your mood swings…

You already have the power to restore your clarity, balance, and productivity

Discover evidence-based alternatives for becoming happier and healthier without drugs.

The truth is you already have the power to make drastic improvements to your health without drugs. For nearly every person reading this right now, a few small, but critical changes to lifestyle and habits can change your life.

  • Rebuild Relationships

As you reconnect with yourself, choose to reconnect with people at work and friends, forge deep connections.

  • Boost Energy

Imagine waking up and enjoying a morning cup of coffee because you like it — not because you need it.

  • Restore Health

Regenerate your body’s immune system. Feel that light inside again. Take back your body!

  • Relax Fears

Unwind the coil that’s been tightening in your mind and tensing your muscles. Choose peace.

  • Live Naturally

Maximize habits that lead you to living a fulfilling live with peace of mind naturally.

  • Balance Moods

Share your whole, life-loving self with others again. Leave the emotional rollercoaster behind.

Joe Fox is a Malibu-based Peak Mental Performance coach and the founder of the highly-successful "Performance Accelerator System".

His method focuses on uncovering the underlying causes of mental and physical burnout.

He specializes in a drug-free root-cause resolution approach to psychiatric syndromes and symptoms that is based on four pillars..

  • Identifying True Targets

Uncovering those core beliefs around money, lifestyle and relationships is a critical step as it allows us to identify where we live in misalignment. Most of us are striving for things that aren't even their target, doing things based on what other people want/have told us.

  • Integrating cutting-edge Stress Management Tools

De-stressing the nervous system and moving away from over stimulation and incessant thinking and worrying. This critical first step allows us to become more resourceful to do the deeper work.

  • Habit Maximization

Forming new powerful habits that help us unlearn the old behavior that has brought us to our current state. Building our life so that we hit our targets naturally and automatically and stacking up the things we can do routinely to get us closer to our goals.

  • Shifting Stress Perception Balance

Changing our internal representation of stressful events for full control of our emotional state. Mastering our mind so we can be in control and don't have to be at the mercy of outside events and circumstances.