Your Thoughts Direct Your Life


Are you a notorious COMPLAINER?

Well, we all are to some extent, I certainly was for a very long time but I’ve been “rehabilitated” for the most part.

The more we complain about the things that don’t go our way, the more focus we direct to more of those things. Am I stating the obvious here?
Truth is, we can acknowledge things in a few seconds if they don’t work out the way we had initially planned. We only need a few seconds to quickly assess a situation or event and course correct almost instantaneously without dwelling on it - AND without allowing emotions to creep in that VALIDATE our complain.

We don’t want the complains to pick up speed and momentum, we have to catch it early, stop it, distract and redirect our focus on a solution.

From a neuroscience perspective, the more we think one specific thought (in this case, the complaining thought) the more neural pathways our brain forms and grows.

Now there’s a new pathway there, a “thicker wire” which allows the data that travels through, get EVEN FASTER from A to B. What this also means, and that’s fascinating I think, that now there’s even a pull towards that pathway, a pull towards that thought..

..our mind just wants to go there on autopilot.

This can be a good and a bad thing.

However, since the OVERARCHING PRINCIPLE of our brain is to avoid threat at all cost (survival mechanism), anything and everything that “smells” remotely like a threat to our brain will be processed much faster than any other thought.

So, one thought about complaining about something even small, COMPOUNDS quickly in our mind.

Awareness is everything..

What you want to do is, to not let your thoughts go UNNOTICED.

Bring stuff to the surface, bring it to your awareness and write it down. On a post it, or type it out, or ideally put it in a journal and keep track.

I did this for many, many months and I stopped the autopilot in my head completely. I now don’t have to write things down anymore, this new habit allows me to notice certain thought patterns on the fly, which is pretty cool.