You Can Absolutely Raise Your Productivity By Working Less


You can absolutely RAISE your productivity levels by working LESS.

In fact, working less hours can be beneficial to the growth of your business AND your mental and physical health.

Most high performers are completely unaware of this. They keep pushing and pushing to grow their business but at what cost? This may work well for them for a while but further down the line, they risk their HEALTH and CONFIDENCE.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners are great at what they do.


They are very good at working in their business, but most of them lack the ability to take a step back and truly ASSESS their performance levels and check in with themselves:

- “How does the work affect me mentally?”
- “How does working all these long hours affect me physically?”

Our bodies are high-performance machines - but they do have a BREAKING POINT.

Now, that breaking point doesn’t work like an “on” and “off” switch..’s more like a rubber band - you can extend the band but at some point there’s too much tension on the band and it wants to contract again - OR, if you keep extending the band, it’ll snap.

That’s exactly how our bodies perform under pressure. Again, our bodies respond to temporary pressure in a very resourceful way. It’s the chronic pressure that wears us out and causes all kinds of problems that can lead to burnout and more serious disease further down the line.

First noticing and then identifying old habits is key to shine some more light on the behavior that’s sabotaging you.

It’s not what you do in your business, it’s HOW you do things.

It’s the quality how you do everything that determines if you can work long hours, stay productive and motivated sustainably.