There's No Such Thing As PROCRASTINATION



I worked on a new project all day yesterday and I put the outline together and then wanted to flesh out the core content when I noticed that I’m making excuses to really engage.

I got up from my chair, looked for a snack, played a little bit of piano, came back to my desk, tried to re-engage….. NOTHING.

It was almost if my brain didn’t wanna go there - it didn’t want to go to the hard part.

..The deep thinking part.

The part that requires you to think creatively. I noticed I can easily and quickly engage in the more menial tasks, but when it comes to more creative tasks that require me to be perfectly present with the subject matter at hand - I face HUGE resistance.

If you think about it - what is procrastination?

It’s really a willpower thing. I wasn’t motivated enough to exert more brain power so I can get the work done. Don’t get me wrong, I had worked all day yesterday, relentlessly, but there still was this wall I had trouble breaking through.

I sat there, my fingers on the keyboard, and… NOTHING. Then I remembered that I had trained myself in the past to write music by the flip of a switch.

Remembering this finally allowed me to really get the creative juices flowing.

I’m also a musician and when I write a piece of music I don’t really have the luxury and the time to wait until the MUSE kisses me in the face.

You know when we say, “Oh, today I’m inspired”. What does this even mean? Tomorrow you’re not inspired? Waiting for that perfect moment?

Creative work requires us to really go deep into our brain and connect with our potential.

It’s oftentimes hard to access but I found that we can flex this thing like a muscle..

Ask yourself: How badly do I want to get this done?