The Secret To Growing Your Business


Growing a business is about..

building a SOLID PLATFORM.

It’s about..

..creating the right ENVIRONMENT.

It’s about the right FOUNDATION that prepares you and sets you up for EXPONENTIAL GROWTH..

When I started working with my client Stephanie, she was burned out and overwhelmed by her ecom business.

She’s one of those go-getter women that had locked her focus on her goal and followed through - no matter what.

While that may sound very cool on a surface level..

her business was killing her ON THE INSIDE..

We hopped on Skype and I began with telling her about the monk and the bamboo..

>>> A monk was given the task to grow a tree from a bamboo seed.

The monk was dedicated to his task and watered the bamboo seed every morning for one week..

..but at the end of the week there was no SPROUT.

He continued watering the seeds for another week..

..but at the end of the second week, again, there was no visible sprout.

He became discouraged but tried to stay consistent and kept watering twice a day for two more weeks, but..


He didn’t see any sprout.

He then committed to one final week of watering the seed twice daily..


He went to his mentor and asked for him to assign a different task to him as his efforts didn’t yield any results.

His mentor said to continue what he had been doing for the previous 5 weeks.

The monk walked away discouraged and unmotivated but was willing to respect his mentor’s advice.

The next morning, he continued to water the seed.

> The day after that, he noticed the tiny sprout peeking out of the ground.

> Then suddenly within a few days the sprout grew to 6 inches.. the fourth day it grew to a FULL foot and.. the end of the week it was a FULL GROWN 40-foot (!) bamboo tree.

/ The CONSISTENCY with which you nurture your business daily will build a root system that creates a dense network and a foundation for EXPONENTIAL and RAPID growth.

/ Do you remember the part where the sprout wasn’t visible for a long time but growth happened while not perfectly visible and measurable?