TALENT Is Overrated..


“Oh, she’s so talented!”

“What a raw talent!”

By labeling someone as being talented we acknowledge and admire someone’s skill but what we also do is we attribute their success to something we refer to as “talent”.

Talent as in, someone being gifted.

“Gifted”, insinuating that this certain someone woke up one day and just simply did things. The ability was “gifted”, handed over to him by god, or the universe.

NO ONE just comes into this world and is being given natural talents.

You may not want to hear this but strap in for this one:

Being good, great or amazing at anything really comes down to only TWO THINGS:



Boom! Myth busted.. :-D

Are you shocked?

So was I, but if you really dig a little deeper how all successful people grew up and what they were exposed to..

..the work ethic and values of their parents and peer groups really created an environment, a breeding ground that allowed them to excel.

When we’re young, our brain’s neuroplasticity, the ability to adapt to learning new things is at its peak. We easily form new neural pathways and can retain information easily.

We all have a natural ability to do certain things. We tend to enjoy certain things more than others but our environment and hard work and deliberate practice are the KEY INGREDIENTS for being good at anything.

Think twice next time you see someone do amazing things.

How much deliberate practice and sheer amount of hard work went into their craft?