Show Your BRAIN Who's BOSS!


There are many approaches, tools, and techniques we can use to reduce feelings of overwhelm, stress and burnout, but one thing in particular always amazes me.

It’s simple and can be put into practice right away and it’ll show your brain who’s BOSS!

This is about the incessant stream of thoughts in our head that are NOT REALITY. Thoughts that make you feel nervous and anxious. If a thought is bothering you. If a thought makes you suffer, question it - CALL IT OUT! Don’t let it go unnoticed.

Ok, so here’s my 5-Step process in a nutshell - try this:

1) Grab a piece of paper and WRITE DOWN your stressful thought..

2) How TRUE is your thought? Examine. Take a few moments and find the emotion that’s attached to the thought. Ok, you feel the emotion, that feels TRUE right?

3) Do you realize that you CREATE the emotion by thinking the thought alone? Does it feel real to you? How can it be real!? You’re merely thinking about something.

Do you see how you create the feelings by merely thinking about it. The more you think, the more powerful the emotional build up. If I’d clap my hands right now, next to your ear - do you think you’d become present to the moment instantly? Would that thought you were focusing on have any relevance now?

4) Can you find evidence in your life that this thought is not absolutely true? Is not black or white?

5) Take a bird’s-eye view and ask yourself? What relevance and priority has this thought in the context of my life as a whole?