Hustling In Your Business: Biggest Scam Of The Century


One of my clients (we just started working together) told me she has a list of things she does every morning to keep a morning routine that keeps her focused and calm so she can work on growing her business with less overwhelm.

When I asked her how she feels about her business she answered:

“I love what I do, I’m fully committed but I’m struggling right now to be honest, I do the work, every day, but I’m stressed out of my mind!”

We’ve been working together for about 2 weeks now and we’ve identified exactly what it is that is missing for her. I’m going to tell you what that is in just one moment but before we get there..

The idea of “hustling” and “grinding” won’t get you anywhere if that’s THE ONLY THING you’re focusing on.

Hustling without a clearly defined WHY is like hopping in your car without knowing how to get from A to B. You know you need the car and you think by just driving you’ll figure stuff out along the way.

She was completely identified with the whole “hustle” mentality and working her butt off without really being clear about WHY she really is so invested in her business.

No, I’m not talking about defining goals.

WHY as in..

[+] What are my aspirations in terms of personal fulfillment - Alignment with my TRUE TARGETS? Do I know know what those are?

[+] Why is it so important for me to be successful at this? (your answer can’t be money, as money flows to you as a result of your doing, which is providing massive value with your business)

[-] Most of us don’t question their motivation. It’s just there, it’s derived from other people’s values.

[-]  Most of us LACK the capacity to dig deep to find out what REALLY drives them. Yes it’s scary because what we REALLY want, may be in MISALIGNMENT with other people’s ideas. It may not be what people that are close to us want to see us do or become.

This dynamic can be subtle but don’t be fooled, it can derail our life if we turn a blind eye to this.

As innovative, hard working individuals we’re always at the risk of experiencing more “friction” in our lives as we deliberately choose to swim against the stream and not fall into the trap of following what others are doing - JUST to fit in and to be accepted.

BUT, identifying our TRUE TARGETS is absolutely critical if we want to sustain and maintain a healthy business and work/life balance.