How To Grow Your Business Without Feeling Overwhelmed And Stressed


The truth is, it’s pretty simple to establish a few routines and have a few tools in place that keep you anchored during the day so you’ll never feel overwhelmed, stressed, or burned out.

One of the most common mistakes my clients make is..

[-] not being able to create balance in their day..
[-] not knowing how to manage their workload and stress effectively..
[-] not structuring and planning out their day in the morning..

If you allow your mind to be on AUTOPILOT all the time, if you’re chasing down the next dopamine spike and then a second later are bogged down by some bad news or a deal not working out, you become too identified with your emotions and end up being at the mercy of your physiology - tiredness and lack of focus.

Here are a few things in my opinion, you have to have in place, so you can be breeze through your day with peace of mind and stabilize and balance out your emotions throughout the day:

[+] Regulate your EXPECTATIONS.

[+] Turn off the autopilot in your head and BECOME PRESENT as often as you can.

[+] Check in with yourself at least three times a day and track your THOUGHT PATTERNS.

We create habits by repetition - so, the key is to do these things DAILY and sequentially and you’ll never run the risk of feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burned out at work.