High Performance Hacks To Eliminate Stress



RECOGNIZE what it is that you want to CHANGE and OPTIMIZE, you have to become aware of it.


Become AWARE of all your negative self-talk around the thing you want to change, catch it early and DETACH from the feelings that come up with it. The longer you ruminate about something, the more emotions keep build up.

Tip: Thoughts are just thoughts, don’t become identified with them.


We all have a STORY we keep telling ourselves, a NARRATIVE that we’ve created and it shapes all our perceptions and ultimately our self-image. All negative thoughts that come up have been learned, meaning you can unlearn them.


Notice your thoughts but QUESTION them. Is this really true about myself? Get some perspective? Where does this come from? Replace the thought by a positive one, by something you aspire to be or want instead. You’re creating a NEW NARRATIVE, crafting a new story.

Tip: Use a journal or keep a document where you track these things daily. 2 minutes are enough to get you out of AUTOPILOT if you’re a beginner at this.


Don’t fall into the trap of COMPARING yourself to others, or other’s success and achievements, expertise and skills. Comparing yourself leads to STRESS and diminishes your SENSE OF WORTH. Mind you, there’ll ALWAYS be someone out there that will be “better” than you, richer, better looking, more accomplished etc.


Ask yourself, was there a time in my life where I had better SELF-ESTEEM? What was I doing back then? Track this, put it on paper to bring this to the SURFACE.

Tip: We all have strengths we derive confidence and identity from. Get some perspective or If you’re unclear about this, ask a friend or someone you trust.

There’s obviously much more you can do but these 3 Hacks are simple yet powerful and DON’T take a lot of your time. Hope this helps..