Feeling Overwhelmed By Your Business?


I just want to quickly talk about how I stay focused, grow my business every month and still get a good night's sleep without stress.

So let’s look at this..

You are the pendulum and whenever something happens in your life, you’re challenged, your pendulum swings out, away from the center. This is how you perceive stress, the more stress you perceive the more your pendulum swings out, and for most people it swings out
uncontrollably, they are at the mercy of whatever’s going on in their outside world.

You want your pendulum to stay in it’s center and when it swings out, you want to become aware of iit, stop it from swinging out and bring it back to center. The more your pendulum stays out of balance, especially over a longer period of time, the stress you perceive becomes chronic and it puts a lot of pressure on your body where further problems can occur, you’re burning out.

So, if you are unaware of the fact that you actually do have a lot of control of your stress levels your outside world or your business success will determine how you feel about yourself.

- Say, you reach a goal in your business and you feel great about yourself
That’s positive, GOOD EMOTIONS! You can even be on an adrenaline high for a long time, without even noticing it. Which will lead to deplete the body and you start to drink more coffee.

- Or you’re hustling and working hard, something doesn’t work out and your emotions are all over the place, you can’t sleep at night, you lose your focus and your concentration goes down which affects your overall performance levels.


So obviously you need to become aware of this dynamic, that’s the very first step.

The reality is that we’ll always be challenged so we need to know how to deal with stress effectively.

But becoming aware of these things isn’t enough to combat stress sustainably or to not even have a lots of stress in your life in the first place.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs feel stressed and all they know is that they need to exercise, get better sleep or maybe work less and take a vacation. Those are the obvious things we can do but they are just a temporary, surface-level fix.

The most important component is Core Level Awareness
Awareness and then shifting your internal perception and representation of events that we perceive as stressful on the outside.

Truth is we only need a few things to hack our own psychology..

Core level awareness allows you to really pay attention what’s going on:

  • So you can reframe events or whatever it is that caused you to be stressed out and put them into powerful perspective, you are putting them into context of the bigger picture of your life.

  • You can zoom out step back and by doing that you are moving away from the narrow focus on your problem

This gives you a choice and you don’t have to be at the mercy of whatever’s happening on the outside.

Ok, hope this was helpful and if you need help with customizing this roadmap to your experience you can go to the link below the video and book a time with me and I can help you get more clarity on what’s going on.