Essential Tips For A Healthy Work-Life Balance


This sounds like something that’d be “nice to have” right? But is it really important for my business success?

Be honest, you may be thinking that you can’t bother with stuff like work-life balance right now as your business needs all your attention..

I can’t blame you, I was there. I had my blinders on for many years and rode on that wave of adrenaline for way too long until I crashed with burnout.

For the first time in my life I was FORCED to look at myself and examine my patterns and behavior.

Are you truly creating an ENVIRONMENT for yourself in which you can thrive and flourish?

I know, I know, you’ve got a lot on your plate but let’s be real, we all do.

There’ll be more advancements in technology and our world will get faster and faster quickly..

I’m not projecting out decades from now..

..NO, next year, the immediate future will test those who don’t know how to create balance in their lives.

=>>> Those high performers who have a basic understanding of how they GAIN ENERGY from certain activities will persevere and rise to the challenges.

=>>> Those who ignore what it means to create balance for themselves will get depleted by their fast-paced environments.

Here are some SIMPLE things you can do:

[+] Set clear and least flexible PRIORITIES and mark them in your weekly calendar, or note them down so you can be reminded of them on a daily basis.

[+] Wake up EARLY. Ideally 5 am, so you get some extra hours in your day, extra hours of QUALITY TIME that you can use wisely.

This quiet time allows you to complete projects and get things done before everyone’s up and is pulling your attention away in all directions.

[+] STOP multitasking and STOP BURNING TIME. Invite more STRUCTURE in your day by dedicating short amounts of time to certain tasks.

Stay PRESENT and ENGAGED by NOT checking messages and not having your phone near you.

[+] Do some meditation and sit still for 5-10 minutes every day. Cultivate a sense of peace in your nervous system.

You’re de-stressing your nervous system, you’re bringing down those levels that keep you on the edge, you’re ANCHORING yourself a little more which makes you more resilient and less impulsive in your words and actions.

[+] Take out precious free time for yourself. Time you spend with yourself alone.

And lastly..

[+] DO NOT fall into the trap of thinking that you’ll take care of your personal life at some point in the future because you’re just too busy now to create that balance.

Hope this helps and comment below what you do to maintain that balance..