Are Your EMOTIONS Running Your Business?


One of the most CRITICAL MISTAKES we make is to attach our emotions to outcomes and results.

The truth is, that there’s a sweet spot where you’re genuinely engaged in working in your business without burning out.

Feel tired, stressed and overwhelmed is a clear barometer for how attached you are to outcomes emotionally. Your emotions are pulling you along on autopilot..

There are basically only two processes in our brain that dictate our experiences most of the time:

- TOWARD pleasure

- AWAY from pain

[+] something works out the way you wanted it to and your state and energy goes up, you’re EXCITED, MOTIVATED and CONFIDENT.

You are being REWARDED with good feelings in your body. A dose of dopamine gets released into your bloodstream..

[-] things don’t work out the way we planned and now our state and energy go down, we’re FRUSTRATED, DISILLUSIONED and DOUBT ourselves.

Up, down, up down, up, down…

If you don’t observe this you’ll never be in CONTROL.

You’ll find yourself drained and if you’re unaware of these emotional attachments of outcomes, you’re constantly at the mercy of the emotional seesaw, the ups and down that shake your self-image, confidence and security which ultimately leads to more confusion and instability.

On a physical level, this causes your energy levels to deplete, your blood pressure to increase, and your breathing to get shallower.

Here’s the thing, ignoring this dynamic can be very costly. I burned out years ago as I had no clue that I actually have a choice, that I don’t have to be attached to everything I do emotionally.

There are a lot of different ways to anchor yourself and be more productive at work, more efficient and increase your performance.

The thing is that you only need to have a few simple tools in place that you can use on a daily basis to detach emotionally, that support you and anchor you in a state of sustainable PEACE OF MIND, regardless of the ups and down in your business.