Are You Sabotaging Your Business?


Most business leaders or high performers are comfortable dealing with topics most people would find pretty stressful to discuss..

[+] They are confident on the outside and seem to have an unshakable trust in their actions.

[+] They are in control and are perfectly clear who makes the final calls.

[+] They are treated with a lot of respect and people look up to them.

When I ask my clients how they handle difficult conversations or how they generally tackle challenging tasks in their business, they say things like “It’s part of the game, I expect it.”

However, there’s this one thing a lot of high performers struggle with, DESPITE the image they project on the outside..

It’s the INNER CRITIC, you know that negative voice in your head that creeps in and fuels self-doubt?

That voice in your head that fights for your attention, it wants something, it wants to be heard.

Just like your heart’s innate purpose is to pump blood through your body, one of the brain’s functions is to process information and evaluate every situation based on the ego perspective.

  • “No one should listen to you”

  • “That was a bad decision”

  • “You’re not enough”

  • “You’re a fraud”

Just how you would treat others in a conversation where you’re having a sincere dialogue and don’t lecture someone.. pay attention to that inner voice, those negative thoughts and you actually listen and address them, TALK BACK to them..

Here are a few examples:

  • “No one should listen to you” ===> “Some will, some won’t, I do my best to give value and inspire”

  • “That was a bad decision” ===> “I did what I thought was the right thing to do in that moment, I learn from it and quickly move on”

  • “You’re not enough” ===> “The things I say and do aren’t the only thing that define me. There’s depth to my personality regardless of my actions”

  • “You’re a fraud” ===> “I know that I’m holding myself to high standards but it’s enough to do the things to the best of my ability with authenticity”

If you do this consistently and don’t stuff those thoughts down, your mind will quieten and the incessant mind-chatter will subside. Try it yourself..

Again, understand that it’s a natural response of the brain to check in with you that way, it feeds back thoughts and ideas about yourself and everything that you think and BELIEVE to be “true” about YOU and the outside world.

The most important conversations we have are the one’s we have with ourself.