Beware Of The Busy-Work-Trap!


Are you just BUSY?

Here’s how you get things DONE..

Ok, honestly, how often have you looked at the clock and now suddenly it’s noon and you have no idea where all the time went and what you’ve actually accomplished.

I mean you probably felt some sense of achievement because you know you’ve kept busy and lost track of time, right?

But do you have a system in place that helps you organize and prioritize your tasks?

Do you focus on revenue, goal-oriented activities first in your day?

Here are the 3 FUNDAMENTALS (that most people don’t know about) that help you skyrocket your work output:


Don’t fall into the trap of “busy work” opposed to prioritizing and MEASURING your productivity for EACH AND EVERY TASK throughout your work day.


Don’t focus your attention on the tasks that give you that immediate sense of accomplishment. It feels good and possibly effortless BUT those activities may not help you progress towards your goals.

Let’s say you’re running the habit of opening your inbox first thing in the morning and answering emails, then you’re not doing anything that gets you closer to your goals. It’s the exact opposite, you’re now on someone else's agenda and you’re moving away from what you should be doing first that’s moving YOU forward.


Don’t let days pass by without being able to measure what you’ve actually done. You may be ticking off tasks on your list but how effective were you really?

One thing only few people know about, is, that we can turn on our very own “Internal Project Manager” (IPM), how I like to call it, and make sure we’re fully present and engaged in every single task at hand. Not only will we be working smarter that way, our productivity will go up and the quality of our work will also increase drastically.

The IPM is about becoming fully aware of your DISTRACTIONS. You can make a list to articulate those. You need to know what those are and their respective root-cause.

If we are CLEAR about what we’re meant to be doing in our business or at work from MOMENT TO MOMENT and understand exactly WHY we’re doing what we’re doing, our energy goes up, we have more peace of mind and our stress goes down.

Are you ready to crush it?