Are You Flirting With Burnout?


[+] Do you have trouble concentrating?
[+] Are your energy levels low?
[+] Do you lack focus?

Burnout is something most of us are experiencing as some point in our life yet so few are aware of what’s going on.

It’s something few people admit or speaks about.

Its symptoms are mostly invisible and they are irritating, our performance goes down and it messes with our self-worth and identity.

I was chronically burned out for over a decade and I saw my life fall apart in front of my very eyes.
Back then I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that burnout can be a blessing in disguise.

Well, it painfully revealed to me my underlying patterns, my VALUES and TRUE TARGETS in life.

Something I had never looked at or had a reason to explore.

Burnout happens when we’re pushing too hard. It happens to those who are driven, over-achievers…

It happens to members of the “Grit and Hustle Community”.

The thing is, hustling and having grit, working hard in our business isn’t the real problem.

The REAL problem is the QUALITY of how we engage with our work from a value- and belief-driven point of view.

Now, we’re all different, we have different skillsets and personalities, however, regardless of our workload, this ONE THING seems to be the main factor that triggers burnout..

::MISALIGNMENT WITH OUR TRUE TARGETS:: (our value- and belief-system)

Misalignment between what you do on a daily basis and your TRUE TARGETS causes “FRICTION” in your mind and your nervous system.

It causes stress and uncertainty which leads to anxiety and depletion of the body on many levels.

Ask yourself..

“What are my TRUE TARGETS?” Really dig deep..

Tip: Most of us have adopted targets. We think they are ours but in reality they were passed on by people in our life that opinion mattered most to us at some point.