Are You Angry? Do you feel the world owes you?


Things don’t go according to plan, you feel entitled and want your reality to bend to your expectations?

“Traffic is bad!”
“She said this to me!”
“It’s just one of those days!”
“This will never work!”


Man, was I angry..

I had moments where I built up so much anger that I felt it’s eating me from the inside.

I was a ticking time bomb walking around in the world, ready to go OFF at any moment.

My anger was heavily wrapped up in my expectations I had of people around me but most importantly, and what I didn’t want to see is that I was RIGID in my expectations toward MYSELF.

My expectations were UNREALISTIC.

You see, you view the world through YOUR LENS. You are the only individual on earth that views the world like you.

You have your own filters that stem from your own experiences and BELIEFS about what’s possible and what’s not possible..

So, assuming that the world is cooperating and aligning with you at all times is an ILLUSION.

The sooner you can come to grips with this and live by it, the happier and content you’ll be.

..YOU are begrudging the world..
..YOU are harbouring those feelings..

..but the world doesn’t care about your anger.

5 Things you can do to stop ANGER right now:

1) Don’t take yourself so %UC&ING seriously.. (and stop using cuss words from now on)
2) Stop raising the bar on yourself all the time and give thanks for what IS..
3) No matter what you’ve done or didn’t do OR who you are, stay HUMBLE..
4) The moment you chill out and make peace with your anger, life can start to FLOW again..
5) Take a bird’s eye view of your life, put things in context and stop getting wrapped up in the MINUTIA of things..

Oh, this one is huge too..


You can’t possibly be still angry after reading this?