Are You A Workaholic Or A High Performer?


Which one are you?

Most of us are are workaholics, we know what we need to do in our business on that technical level. We’re experts at what we do day in day out..

However, what every entrepreneur or business owner needs is at least some basic understanding of principles of HIGH PERFORMANCE or performance optimization.

Let me quickly explain where the differences are..

On the outside, both the workaholic and the high performer are working hard, the big difference is how the individual feels on the inside about who they are in relationship to their work.

Make sense?

[+] A high performer generally works hard but in a healthy and sustainable way, feels more happy and inspired and stays in that sweet spot of tapping into their potential more effortlessly.

[-] A workaholic works hard but in an unhealthy, unsustainable way, feels more unhappy and gets easily burned out.

Let’s look what the high performer does differently in a little more detail:

[+] The high performer is more anchored, knows their value and worth. They evaluate and measure their performance consistently and improve.

[+] The high performer creates their own feedback loop through self-awareness and doesn’t rely on feedback from others.

[-] The workaholic relies a lot on external approval and validation from their environment (bosses, clients, co workers..)

[+] The high performer’s primary goal is to do business, they are after results and strategize accordingly. They know their value!

[-] The workaholic fills their space with a lot of busy work so they can feel more important and gain more significance. They don’t know their value.

You might be going back and forth between high performer and workaholic.
Focus on developing more awareness around old patterns and practice abandoning old habits Form new habits that constantly let you assess where you're at and what you need to optimize.