The great Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it”.

In other words: Who is ready to take the leap to break free of their conditioned thinking and who can allow themselves to try something new and allow new approaches to enter their mind?

You’ll be able to fully recover, no matter where you’re at.

I’m very confident and certain that you can - IF you are open enough to take on full responsibility for how you’re feeling mentally and physically right now. And, you’re at a point on your journey where you realize that everything you’ve tried in the past didn’t give you any sustainable results.

We have to do things DIFFERENTLY and not be a slave to mainstream advice (doctors, meds, treatments, therapies). I know, I know, that’s all we know, that’s all we were ever told to be the solution. That’s how we grew up and that’s how we were conditioned to think.

You’re probably asking: Why would there be a solution to my problem out there that only a few people know about? Why would something that provides tremendous value to millions of people be kept secret and be kept under the radar and not given the attention by the medical community?

There a several reasons for that but the main reason is that doctors and the health care system in general, is far better paid for doing procedures like surgery, testing and of course handing out prescriptions. In order for this to be accepted and get more recognition on a broad level, research is necessary to provide the data.

Research, however, is very expensive and drug companies are not really interested in funding something that doesn’t involve the use of drugs.

We have to be ready to open our mind to new concepts and ideas if we want to heal.

Last week I was on the phone with a lady. She told me her story with anxiety, depression and Lupus. Intense suffering over more than 30 years of her life. A part of me wanted to help her because I knew that she’d be able to heal - but at the end of the call I didn’t take her on as a client, even though she was in so much physical and emotional pain, debilitated by anxiety. She was not ready to change and NOT ready to allow new concepts to enter her mind. She wasn’t resourceful and she wasn't decisive.

Do you know how it feels when you hit rock bottom and just can’t take it anymore?

It means different things to everyone of us. I thought I had hit rock bottom, only to realize I’m still sinking lower and lower. It’s different for everyone, I was bedridden in my early 30ies and I still didn’t realize that I need to WAKE UP, and THINK, and most importantly DO things DIFFERENTLY if I want to get better.

Going back to the Einstein quote from the top. The “level of consciousness” can be understood as a next level of understanding and knowing, that puts us in a position where we can grasp and understand concepts that are new to us. That are OUTSIDE of the mainstream thinking and conditioning we’ve been exposed to for the most part of our lives.

As humans, we’re not much different from a herd of sheep. We want to fit in, we want to be accepted. We want to be loved. We do what we’re told to do. The group dynamic is inevitable.

The approach I take with my clients is all about unplugging from all the conventional methods. It’s the ONLY way to recover fully and heal completely.

Why do I have so much unwavering faith in my approach?

Denying our own body’s intelligence is what keeps us stuck and trapped in anxiety, depression, pain and other related symptoms. Most conventional approaches DO NOT address this. In the contrary, they condition negative feedback loops that make things worse and exacerbate the symptoms.

We need to acquire new knowledge that helps us create an environment for our body, where it can heal itself, WITHOUT the help of meds, supplements, doctor visits, treatments and therapies.

Are you confused and frustrated as nothing seems to work?
Are you ready to think outside the box?

What else needs to happen for you to realize that you need to do things differently in order to heal and recover fully?