Every single one of us gets anxious and fearful.

This is just how we’re hardwired by nature. If there’s a threat perceived through our senses, our brain fires a sympathetic response which triggers a cascading series of events in our body that allows us to deal with danger. Our bodies are designed to respond to acute fear and high stress. Once the threat is over, our system goes back to its natural state of homeostasis and balance.

With chronic anxiety however, the body doesn’t return to its natural state that easily as we have conditioned anxious thoughts and feelings that show up as emotions. Once we feel the emotions we don’t like, we become hyper-aware of those over time and become anxious about the anxious emotion.

Do you see how this negative feedback loop is created?

We sense that something is not ok, we don’t feel safe, every trigger and stimulus from the outside world has to pass through our filter of anxiety and worry.
As a result we create a life of limitations and scarcity and keep perpetuating the anxiety cycle.

How do you know you have chronic anxiety?

- You are constantly worried, nervous and have this sense of impending doom. Thoughts like, “something bad is going to happen”.

- Just getting up in the morning and envisioning the day ahead produces anxiety.

- Even though there’s no external trigger for your anxiety, you go about your work and activities with an exaggerated feeling of worry, tension and unease.

- Your anxious thoughts keep running in your head:

“I cannot stop my thoughts, it’s driving me crazy”
“I cannot sleep, it’s so dreadful and I don’t know why!”
“Why isn’t he responding to my message I sent an hour ago? What’s going on? Something bad is about to happen!”

If we are chronically anxious and our fight-, flight and freeze response in our brain gets constantly triggered we experience symptoms like:

- muscle and joint pain
- frequent headaches and even migraines
- chronic fatigue and tiredness, low energy, depleted adrenal glands
- brain fog, problems concentrating and recalling memory, irritability
- mood swings and anger
- feeling wired and tired at the same time
- digestive problems like IBS
- hormonal imbalances
- sleep issues
- depression