Even if what I write below is not new to you I ask you to challenge your current thinking and beliefs.

We all have our symptoms and conditions. We know how we feel in our body, we are identified with a label, a diagnosis. When we feel anxious and experience symptoms in our body that shouldn’t be there we naturally want to get better as quickly as humanly possible. We want to eliminate the symptom, get rid of it, “it’s bad”, “it’s painful”, “it’s dragging me down”, “it’s sabotaging my life”..

We once felt ok, or at least deep down inside we know how it feels to live in a healthy body.

I also became completely identified with my symptoms, that all I wanted was to find someone to tell me what’s going on with me. The longer you’re in this state of limbo, not knowing exactly where all the symptoms come from, the more confused you are.

We all need certainty and more importantly safety to operate in the world effectively.

If we don’t feel safe, our life is miserable and becomes an ever perpetuating struggle.

Depending on where you are right now with anxiety, depression and related symptoms you may find it more or less difficult to grasp, that, what we feel right now is our body’s way of expressing itself and crying out:

“I cannot take it anymore”
“This is too much”

Our bodies are the most sophisticated and amazing vehicles that have all kinds of mechanisms in place to compensate stress and fear.

However, our body does have a breaking point where systems become dysregulated and we enter a state of decompensation (overload and inability to function properly) on various levels. When this happens our unresolved emotions are expressed in various shapes and forms and symptoms that raise eyebrows when we go see doctors or therapists that try to apply conventional wisdom that simply does not work.

The first thing, above all things I have my clients explore before we begin the work:

If we want to get better we need to do things differently, we need to think critically and not in ways we’re conditioned to think. We need to be curious and open to why what’s happening with us right now is a blessing in disguise.

It’s an opportunity of resetting everything we believe to be true about ourselves.

Now, even though some of you may not be able to relate, which I completely respect because I myself was at a stage where I could not see anything positive about what’s going on with me.

That’s why I like to refer to this as a “Journey to Recovery”. It takes some time and a lot of work to break free of the cocoon.