Work is getting more demanding and complex and because many of us now work in 24/7 environments, anxiety and burnout are on the rise. . In our high-pressure workplaces, staying productive and engaged can be a real challenge. 

Although it’s unlikely that the pace and intensity of work will change much anytime soon, there’s research that suggest that certain tools of development can be very effective to build more capacity for resilience.

The typical picture of Burnout and Fatigue..

  • Mental, emotional and physical exhaustion
  • Anger, meeting the demands
  • Self-criticism and self-doubt
  • Cynicism, negativity and irritability
  • Despair, sorrow and fear, helplessness, hopelessness, pity and rage

Business leaders must have the ability to manage their own feelings of stress and at the same time have to help members of their team handle their feelings of stress, burnout and disengagement. 

They have to be able to balance out conflicting personalities and create an overall motivated working environment.

Leaders are under constant pressure and meeting the demands of others under tight time constraints in our fast-paced technological age just keeps getting worse.

You are highly qualified in your field but how much do you know about achieving a mental state of peak performance?

Our bodies are vehicles that allow us to experience the world. They are autonomous systems that have innate capacities to heal themselves without us interfering - but what if..

  • we put too much pressure on our bodies
  • we let emotional stress build up
  • we keep adding more weight to our already overloaded ship.

It's imperative that you maintain a positive self-image so you can refuel yourself psychologically on a daily basis. 

In order to eliminate symptoms of burnout and for the consulting approach to be as efficient and as successful as possible, it’s important to accept a student/teacher mentality as a foundation for accepting and learning new concepts. You need to be open to new ideas and be willing to change on a deeper, identity level. 

The two major building blocks to drastically improve your symptoms of burnout:


  • Learning the ability to self-assess so can you analyze your exact current situation.
  • Compiling a highly individualized "First-Aid-Kit" of stress management techniques that can be used on a daily basis.

This will help reduce pain levels and in turn increase energy levels and resources in the body. The goal in this first stage is to become calmer and more rooted so you can maintain your persuasive qualities at work and feel less agitated with more space around decision making. 


This is where the real magic happens. 

Self-awareness builds from honest self-appraisal about your emotional strengths and vulnerabilities; your values and attitudes, personality traits and unresolved conflicts.

You’re a total person, not just a set of skills performing a role. Addressing problems on a core level allows for deeper work that will change your life forever.

Assessing what your core values are and how you can align yourself accordingly is a very powerful skill to cultivate. Core values ultimately underpin how you live your life. They assist you to answer, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What do I stand for?’

They are unspoken rules and regulations, terms and conditions by which you have agreed to and live by.

To what extent you are aware of them isn’t important, they are the captain of your ship, what you believe as the truth and they are the result of what your life looks like.

Some will serve you, others will hinder you. Some will be glued and fixed rigid, unmovable, others more fluid. Some were handed down to you by others you learned from along the way. Some will have changed over time, others will have grown stronger. You may find when they are being challenged by others, you’ll defend them. 

Your once in a lifetime chance to reassess

These two building blocks will not only enable you to change your current situation so you can activate your full potential, you will also lay the groundwork for a mental state that will create more fulfillment in your life. A mental state that will allow you to tap into the ability to achieve peak performance and be the best possible version of yourself. 

As a leader this will make you even more valuable to your staff and your working environment in general if you have garnered knowledge about how to handle your stress.

If more members of your team or staff are experiencing more well-being, it’s likely to have other members of the team be thriving as a consequence.

Cutting edge neuroscience shows us that the practice of mental habits promotes resilience and productivity at work and in life. You can collaborate better, navigate stress more effectively and sustain high performance over a long time.

It’s crucial to develop the skills that enable you to improve the value of your output you produce during the hours you work. 

You’ll be able to be more compassionate for people in your working environment. If you can understand people’s hopes and difficulties to create the right support so they can be as good as they can be. It’s good for people and good for business.

A new platform - a new life

If you can stay engaged emotionally over a long period of time and feel energized about what you do, you can generate more earnings opposed to other leaders in the industry who are unaware of this potential.

You will be able to build a foundation that allows you to absorb more knowledge quickly and more importantly, retain that knowledge with the power of positive feedback loops. 

Your ability to acquire new skills will increase after only a few weeks. If you build this from the ground up it’s highly unlikely that you will fall back into old behavioral patterns.

The groundwork you have laid out and the steps you will take on a daily basis will create an unstoppable momentum that will keep you anchored in your very own upward spiral for as long as you wish.