Conceptualized thinking!

The framework for various aspects of your life that your parents, school teachers and society in general already laid out for you so you don’t have to second-guess it.

Is your sarcasm detector already going off? Good!

“Boxed-in” thinking versus out-of-the-box thinking..

Our environments don’t necessarily inspire critical thinking.

Welcome to the dynamics of Groupthink. We all buy into it to some extent because we inherently want to fit in. Collective values become our aspirations and even goals, so we can live in harmony with everyone around us. This is how we are programmed on a deep level. So deep in fact, that we don’t even have the capacity to raise the question whether adopted values, goals, aspirations are truly ours and are in tune with our individual needs that in turn are intrinsically based on our core personality.

Humans, the gregarious animal..

Most of us haven't been taught to think critically. We cannot even look deep inside and question the beliefs and the value system that has been passed on to us because life is happening! Furthermore, who wants to be scrutinized for thinking differently, much less being accused of instigating a revolution. Fitting in works best - or not? Don’t we all just seek for one thing and one thing only? To love and to be loved? Isn’t everything we do subliminally motivated by the desire to be loved and seen? I know this sounds corny but think about it for a second; we always try to fit in to some degree.

Time to take off those blinders!

That is our beloved comfort zone. Comfort zone means no growth, no change, no ground for doing things differently; it is numbness on autopilot that hypnotizes you to be a follower. Whatever the group does or not does must be the "truth". If we don’t fit in we potentially cause friction in various areas of our life. We feel pain and continuously living life beyond our comfort zone means even more pain (we could easily substitute “pain” with “fear”, in this context.)

Programmed for survival..

We are always trying to avoid pain, it’s intrinsic to the human condition to gravitate towards pleasure and away from pain. Our brain isn't hard-wired to bring us pleasure or happiness. It is fundamentally concerned with keeping us alive. So, no matter where you are in your life right now. No matter how low you have sunken, no matter which aspect of your life is in turmoil, you can push forward and create a different outcome for yourself. It is possible to design your life but only with putting in effort on your part!

My personal experience..

How do I know all this? I’ve reached many low points in my life over the past 15 years that unhinged me, that crushed me to the core and made all legs of my table crumble. I was forced over and over again to ask bigger questions, so I embarked on a journey of research, a quest for the ultimate truth.

Even though I didn’t find all the answers - something became perfectly clear. I need to change on a profound level. I need to find out what it is that is holding me back.

Be a knight in shining armor!

Once you are genuinely looking for those answers, fueled by being (literally) sick and tired of the circumstances you are in, you will eventually see a light. A very dim light at first but it will show you the way and you will take action, you will take more action, you will start building momentum, you will become more responsible for yourself and you will learn to love yourself first before everyone and everything else.

See the light at the end of the tunnel yet?

Slowly but steadily this light will become brighter and brighter and no - there is no finish line, it’s a continuous process, a process of growth and learning but you can trust me on this, you will never ever want to look back, at this point all you want is for this light to be a bright shining beacon that’s showing you the way.

I want you to have your own personal flashlight you can use to light up the immediate steps in front of you. It is my very goal to give you concrete hands-on advice, practical tips and tools you can implement into your daily routine so you can get results instantly.