What is the happiest, healthiest version of yourself that you can imagine?

Do you see someone who:

  • Feels purposeful, energetic, and capable?
  • Looks and feels great in their own skin?
  • Doesn’t rely on uppers, downers, or other pills?

You probably don’t imagine someone who:

  • Is stuck with prescriptions for life.
  • Relies on caffeine by day, wine by night.
  • Feels sad, fatigued, helpless, or hopeless.

Many of us are far from our ideal vision of health. Meanwhile, mass media, drug companies, hope we stay there – reliant on them.

I’m here to tell you that you have choices and the power to change your life. You can get healthy, resourceful and have a sustainable career and fulfilling personal life.

I know this from over a decade of meticulous research and also because I’ve been where you are.

Get Happier and Healthier – Without Stimulants and Drugs

I help men and women break down the myths and misconceptions of an outdated and broken health care system that is keeping them sick, confused, and dependent. And, instead, give them the knowledge and tools to return to the happier, healthier person they were born to be. Naturally.

Are you feeling like you are:

  • Trapped by overwhelm, stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, and other mood issues?
  • Missing out on living to your full potential because of depression, stress and other mood issues?
  • Frustrated that the medical advice and solutions you’ve been given are not working for you – and maybe even making you sicker?

If you are ready to take control of your life and free your mind – to feel healthier and much more productive without drugs..

..I encourage you to take action now and reach out to me.




Read on, if you like to find out more about me.

After four years of working long hours in my own real estate business and hardly a day off, I remember working out at the gym one night, when I noticed that my energy wasn't there anymore.

Besides feeling very tired and lacking drive, I also experienced flu-like symptoms that bothered me.

At first I thought I probably just need a change of scenery to recharge my batteries. Weeks went by and my energy levels just kept diving and my symptoms kept getting worse.

I started to get more headaches and I couldn’t shake off a cold anymore. I was irritable and unfocused.

Doctors had no answers for my condition, all they ever diagnosed was burnout. I was hitting rock bottom and I felt depressed, angry, frustrated and hopeless. My life started to fall apart in front of my very eyes.

I had all those "invisible" illnesses that no one really had answers for. Doctors kept telling me "There's nothing you can do about it, you just need to take a break, you're probably just burned out." Really? 

So what else do we do when no one knows exactly what's going on with us and we don't have a lot of hope that we'll ever get better?

We hop on Google and do research on our condition. Even back then, Google was already terrifying in telling you what's going on with you. You punch in a keyword, you get bullet points and you see how many people in the world suffer from a particular condition. Then your eyes glance over to "treatments" and you most likely always find out that your condition is "incurable".

What does that do to our psyche?

It fuels our feelings of hopelessness and overall sense that something is severely wrong with us and that no one seems to have an answer or a solution to our problem.

It's beyond confusing. Then, once we finally get presented with a label like "burnout", "anxiety", "depression", "Fibromyalgia", "Chronic Fatigue" etc., we think we can now move forward and find a cure for above conditions. Wrong!

All conventional approaches, like doctors, medication, drugs, simply DO NOT work in the long run. These approaches only ever provide a temporary band-aid that delays our chances of setting ourselves up for healing and FULL RECOVERY further down the line.

I felt as if I've tried everything and I spent a fortune on doctor visits, treatments and countless of therapies and counseling sessions over many years.

Then in 2007, after my father had passed, I quit my real estate job and decided to start a career in music. Music became my constant companion and it helped me cope with what was going on with me. It was my refuge and if everything around me caused me to get stressed out, feeling anxious or depressed,  music allowed me to shift my focus away from my chronic pain for the time I sat at the piano and improvised. And, for a moment, I was able to "forget" my suffering and become more present.

Then I started looking into alternative medicine which also yielded NO significant results. Yes, I did try a lot of things, some techniques over here and then I got this tool over there, but, other than being able to manage my symptoms on a surface level, I never truly felt that anything is shifting on a profound level.

I kept feeling worse and I got a sense that my body isn't healing anymore. It was beyond unsettling!

I decided to do research on my symptoms and picked up various books that gave me more insight in regards of modern psychology and neuroscience.

It wasn't long before I realized that I have to challenge everything I've thought to be true about myself.

I raised my awareness and gained more insight into how my brain works and how anxiety and depression are created in the body. How physical pain is related to repressed emotional charges of traumatic memories.

This was when I started to see that tiny, flickering light at the end of the tunnel. I took more responsibility for myself, took matters in my own hands and educated myself. It felt as if I’m able to breathe again.

What I went through humbled me to the core of my being. 

Two years ago, I recovered fully and I decided to make it my mission to help and inspire people and guide them on their journey to full recovery.

I took everything I had learned and practiced over more than a decade, and developed my Signature Program.

My 4-step program is evidence-based, hands-on and gives sustainable and long-lasting results by addressing the root cause of burnout issues like anxiety, depression, pain and fatigue.

My symptoms had disappeared completely:

..all the skin irritations
..the digestive issues
..my constant heartburn
..the migraine headaches
..my chronic muscle and joint pain
..my blurry vision
..my inability to focus and concentrate
..my brain fog
..my impaired cognitive function
..my chronic inflammation
..my cold sores
..my sleeplessness
..my low libido
..the burning sensation in my lungs when breathing
..my hyper-vigilance
..my back pain
..my shoulder, wrist and knee pain.

My energy is still going up and up and up. I now can spend an entire day at the beach and surf, which is absolutely amazing for me. 

I can engage in any kind of social situation and have peace of mind, be confident and can freely communicate..

..I feel good in my own skin
..I accept and appreciate myself
..I have more energy than ever
..I discovered new interests and am learning new skills
..I can spend time with family and friends without being bogged down by feelings of anxiety and inadequacy.
..I now feel that zest for life and sense of contribution..
..and I can fully express myself and not hold back anymore.

If you're still here, reading this, I know that you're here for a reason.
It's for you to let go of your hopelessness, and get excited that there's a proven system you can tap into, with someone on your side, guiding you along the way to recovery.